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Training program in basic neuroscience and addiction at Columbia University Medical School

This National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)- funded T32 training program supports salaries with some travel and equipment costs for 8 postdoctoral scientists at twenty-five laboratories at Columbia University Medical School. Support is typically for two years with an option for a third year.

The research we support is extraordinarily broad, ranging from very basic synaptic mechanisms that may underlie learning and reward, the mechanisms by which CNS drugs act, neurodegeneration associated with drugs such as methamphetamine, nervous system adapations, the underlying causes of addiction, and the immunological and psychological aspects of drug dependence and related habits. An advantage of conducting this reasearch Columbia Medical School is that as your interests change and expand, you can nearly always find local experts and collaboration.

We have a 26 session per year weekly seminar series and you will be coached in applying for additional grant support for your work.

Candidates MUST be US citizens or hold a green card, hold a PhD or MD, and must be hired as postdoctoral fellows.

We particuarly encourage new PhDs or MDs who are members of minority groups to apply.

Stipend levels as of 2007 are listed here, although there is additional salary supportavailable for MDs.

The Program is run by Dr. David Sulzer; our administrator is Ariella Ghanooni at 212-305-1540, or e-mail Ariella at

If you are interested in being a fellow in this program, peruse the work of the participating labs and apply directly to the laboratory head.

Participating laboratories and weblinks

Victoria Arango, PhD                   

Robert Burke, MD                        

William Dauer, MD                      

Michael Gershon, MD                     

Jay Gingrich, MD, PhD     

Joshua Gordon MD, PhD

Lloyd Greene, PhD                  

Rene Hen, PhD                              

Jonathan Javitch, MD, PhD              

Thomas Jessell, PhD                  

Arthur Karlin, MD    

John Mann, MD                        

Holly Moore, PhD        

Serge Przedborski, MD, PhD                      

Stephen Rayport, MD, PhD          

C. Daniel Salzman, MD, PhD       

Claudia Schmauss, MD                 

Stephen Siegelbaum, PhD          

Barbara Stanley, PhD         

David Sulzer, PhD Program Director      

Carol Troy, MD            


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